If you need help, our trained staff are always on hand to offer suggestions and advice. Most customer queries can be solved on the telephone, but if you need further help, we will arrange for one of our specialist engineers to visit you – usually within 48 hours.

For customers with very high demand, we will supply machines that are fitted with an auto-filling system. This means that the machine will need to be plumbed into your water supply, and the machine will constantly refill with water and concentrate. The concentrate for these machines is supplied in a bag in box format, in 10 litre packs. You will always have two packs connected, so that when one runs out, a valve will automatically switch from one box to the next. This means that you can serve 132 litres of frozen drink, or 400 average cups, before the bag needs changing. Bags are changed by unclipping a simple connector, and clipping straight onto a new box. Our sales team or engineers will give your staff full training so they will be confident in doing this.

Our machines are fitted with our unique Remote Kare system, which automatically sends us a message if any conditions change, and the machine is not running efficiently. At this point, you will receive a call from our customer care team, who will talk you through any likely causes. In this way, we can pre-empt any problems with your machine, and ensure that you can continue serving.

All you need to do to get yourself up and running is mix your concentrate with water and freeze it down. You will need to use 1 part concentrate to 5 parts water. The easiest way to do this is to use the mixing bottle that is supplied with your initial order, fill with concentrate up to the line marked on the bottle, the fill right up to the brim with cold drinking water, and pour into your machine. You will be able to do this twice to fill each bowl. Now you simply set your machine to freeze, and it will be ready to serve in approximately 40 minutes!

We supply cups in four sizes, the most popular being the Midi (330ml) and Maxi (455ml). Cups are supplied with their lids and straws in one pack, and we have calculated the number of cups in each pack to be enough to serve a full 20 litre case of concentrate, when it is mixed and frozen down. So, it’s really easy – each time you order a case of concentrate, you need to order a case of cups too! This makes life very easy for ordering, and will help your stock control.

The only exception to this is our collectable PAW cups, which are a huge hit with kids, particularly at Birthday parties! These are supplied in a quantity of 116 cups, which is half a case of concentrate, mixed and frozen down. Lots of our customers sell these and offer a deal on a refill – a good deal for everyone.

Looking after your machine is simple. All you need to do at least once a fortnight (when your machine is empty) is to remove the bowls and clean them and the connecting parts. When you put them back together, you will need to lubricate the taps and seals with a white, food grade petroleum jelly. This will avoid any leaks and help the parts move smoothly when you are serving from the machine.

The only other thing you will need to do monthly is to slide out the filter from the back of the machine and give it a clean. This will stop the machine from overheating and help the machine run efficiently.

Both of these are fully explained with a step by step guide in the machine manual, and full training will be given when the machine is being installed.