What our customers say…

“Working with Polar Krush has made every decision very simple, we have appreciated working closely with our local representative, who offered some great suggestions based on her experience of the product and market.
Always a big hit with our customers, and as the recipes are sugar free, a huge hit with parents too. On a practical note, the machines freeze very quickly, and our local Polar Krush engineer ensures that we don’t lose any selling time.”
Terry Beard, Group Manager, John Fowler Holidays
“We have seen a real increase in sales across the Jump Inc Group since we changed our Polar Krush machines to self-serve – our customers love the new recipe flavours and texture, and pouring their own drink adds to their experience in the park. The machines freeze down very quickly and work very hard, but we have the confidence that the service team will respond extremely quickly should we need them.”
Lee Shipley, Director, Jump-Inc Group
“Working with Polar Krush has been an exciting and enjoyable process from day one.
The sugar free natural recipe is really popular with parents and this is shown by the impressive sales we have seen. Brand support and aftercare is second to none and the free on loan machine is definitely the fastest freeze on the market.”
Levi Bellis, Centre Manager, Adventure Island, Lowestoft
“not just a product for the future but a product for now to preserve the future. A fun and eye-catching product, sugar free and with the PLA and PAW cups, environmentally friendly. It is currently our 3rd highest soft drink consumable behind still water and Diet Coke – I cannot recommend this product and cup enough, and only wish we had made the move earlier.”
Paul Mount, Deputy Manager, Lyric Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue
“I would recommend PK as the ‘go-to’ for iced drinks, the combination of equipment quality, product quality and associated margin, efficiency and management is in my mind, second to none. I would place this in the no-brainer category for the the inception or indeed the operating of any organisation.”
Jeremy Appiah, General Manager, Flip Out Trampoline Park, Somerset


AVAILABLE NOW – CALL US ON 01670 818 666

As a company, we are committed to preserving our environment for future generations – and we are delighted to announce the really exciting news that, in line with government legislation, we have changed all of our spoon straws to our UNIQUE design made from specially toughened paper.

In any one year, we will be replacing more than 15 MILLION plastic straws – imagine what difference that will make to the world for future generations!

Our UNIQUE spoon straw is made from toughened paper, and will last and last in an iced drink. We have a patent pending on the revolutionary new design, so our straws will be exclusive to Polar Krush!

We have already introduced initiatives to remove single use plastics from our brand – we have changed our packaging to reduce single use plastic and in addition to all our cups being recyclable, we are offering reusable and vegetable based (PLA) alternatives – through these, we can avoid more than 15 MILLION pieces of single use plastic being released into the environment over the next 5 years…

Concentrate for ALL machines will be in a 10 litre bag in box pack and is super easy to operate with a tap – so no more balancing a heavy bottle to fill your mixing bottle. All 11 flavours will all be in the same, new packaging format for both MANUAL and AUTOFILL machines!!

We have loads of machines in stock – all waiting for a new home, and if you order before 1pm, you can expect your stock to arrive the next working day…

With Polar Krush, you can expect;

  • next day delivery (if you order before 1pm)
  • a wide choice of great sugar free flavours
  • a fantastic FAST FREEZE machine
  • marketing materials
  • potential to earn a HUGE 80% profit
  • superb technical support
  • great, easy to use tap dispenser


All of our fabulous, mouthwatering flavours have been reformulated without sugar. The range is a guilt-free treat, made with natural colours and flavours, completely ALLERGEN FREE – and sweetened naturally with stevia, meaning almost zero calories. Contact us for more information about the range through our contact form, or call 01670 818 666.



World-First Paper Spoon Straw

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