10 Ways the Hospitality Sector Can Save Energy and Money

We all have a vital role to play in tackling climate change and not only that the opportunity to cut down our energy costs.
According to UK Hospitality’s Future Shock 2022 report, 86% of businesses in the sector are dealing with rising energy costs, which puts further pressure on an industry that is still recovering from the pandemic.
Here we look at 10 ways our customers and indoor leisure sites can streamline their costs right now.
  1. Use an efficient frozen drinks machine that saves energy

Polar Krush MachinePolar Krush fast freeze machines are the most economical on the market.

They have double-walled bowls and built-in dehumidifiers that help absorb excessive condensation build-up, with freeze-down in just 40 minutes,

With this in mind, a typical indoor leisure site can save between 30-40% of its energy consumption costs simply by investing in a Polar Krush frozen drinks machine compared to others on the market.

In one month, you would save about £34.00, which is the equivalent of starting each month 20 sales up in frozen drinks!

  1. Reduce your cellar and fridge space with post-mix

Simply use one of our free-on-loan post-mix units to serve customers faster, and cheaper without losing quality.

Streamline your soft drinks offering and save energy, plastic, and space and be a venue that is more economically and environmentally friendly by using a compact post-mix unit.

No need to stock cans and bottles, which can take up space and cost to refrigerate.

We also keep packaging to a minimum.

This cuts down on recycling, waste storage, transportation costs, carbon emissions and, most importantly, disposable packaging.

  1. Consider LED lighting.

The use of LED lights in indoor leisure is growing in popularity.

LED lighting is an incredible option to save energy. LED offers clear and consistent lighting, saves you money on maintenance costs, and is extremely safe for the environment.

While more expensive to purchase, they are 300 per cent more energy-efficient than fluorescent lighting, and 1,000 per cent more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs.

Polar Krush’s commercial frozen drink machines use efficient led lighting. The energy-saving lights not only cut energy costs but also increase impulse purchases by providing better, more attractive visibility of the machines.

  1. Adapt your heating and indoor temperature 

Control how long the heating is allowed to run before opening time.

Once your venue begins filling, you will likely need less heat to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors.

Installing smart metres will help you understand your usage, limit waste and be more efficient. Not only does it let you keep an eye on how much you’re spending, but you can also track what effect your changes have on your everyday energy use.

Have a thermostat control in a prominent place so that all staff know how to monitor and use it.

For most businesses, 7-day programmed timers can be used on the heating to create different heating on/off times, but more heating will naturally be needed during winter weekdays or when there is less human body heat.

Some indoor leisure sites ensure weekday heating is turned off at around 8 pm.

In comparison, weekend heating may be able to turn off at 6 pm, but having a play and adjusting the timer to suit your venue and its busiest times to maintain a comfortable temperature for any visitors is always good practice.

  1. Remove or switch off unnecessary ceiling fans

Don’t use extractor ventilation in the venue (unless it is required in a kitchen setting).

Many hospitality venues still have extractor fans fitted from the pre-smoking ban days, and yet they are no longer needed.

If you do have fans, consider how some of these could be removed to reduce unnecessary draughts and to avoid extra electricity costs.

  1. Pull The Plug!

Create an inventory for closing staff to ensure all unnecessary appliances are turned off before their shift ends to make your venue more energy efficient.

Plus, did you know any device that is plugged in will still use electricity, regardless of whether the device is attached or not?!

The amount of electricity produced from this only costs a few pence, but every penny counts!

  1. Look forwards to long-term saving methods to make lasting changes

Your venue would also likely benefit from long-term energy-saving projects if you have any time to close to make these adaptations.

This could mean anything from adding double glazing, solid wall insulation, floor insulation, replacement energy-efficiency refrigeration or upgrading to energy-efficient glass washers.

  1. Get smart with energy-saving refrigeration

Food preparation and storage account for around 40% of energy usage.

So it is vital to ensure you are using your equipment efficiently could help you save a lot.

Where you can, opt for a commercial refrigerator that carries an efficient energy grade and make sure that you keep its doors closed when possible.

  1. Look after your fridge!

Did you know the position and placement of your fridge can have a huge impact on its energy use?

Ensure your fridge isn’t in direct sunlight; otherwise, it will have to work extra hard to stay cool.

If possible, ensure your fridge has some space around the sides or back. This will make sure the air vents can vent properly, further preventing your fridge from working too hard and using too much energy to maintain a cool temperature.

Additionally, make sure you regularly defrost, maintain and clean your refrigerators, as well as check their seals to ensure the doors are closed properly, as this, too, can cause unnecessary energy wastage.

(However, if it is a refrigerator that is only storing soft drinks such as 40 Kola bottles, it can be turned off after hours)

10. Involve your team and customers to make it a group effort

Discreet signs to remind customers to close doors, turn off applicable appliances and wipe down equipment can make a huge difference.

Train staff to be vigilant about leaving lights and appliances on when not needed.

How Polar Krush will save money for your business

Becoming more energy efficient goes a long way.

Every year, businesses in the UK lose over £60 million in wasted energy. Even without this added waste, running commercial premises’ electric, heating, and water systems represent one of the highest overhead costs for businesses of all sizes. These reasons alone should be enough to encourage companies to take measures to reduce their energy consumption.

At Polar Krush, we’re incredibly proud to have developed high-tech machines that offer our customers the opportunity to serve delicious drinks achieving high profits – yet not at the detriment of using a lot of energy.

A Polar Krush machine requires the following power:

  • Twin: 0.94kWh
  • Triple – 1.28kWh

This is 40% less than our competitors. We achieve this by having more efficient components such as lighting systems, motors and compressors.

Not a Polar Krush customer and want to benefit from using an energy-efficient frozen drinks machine?

We’re happy to detail further the financial benefits you can achieve with Polar Krush. Contact us today and discover more at hudson@polarkrush.co.uk or call us on 01670 818666 and let’s talk, and save YOU money!