Mastering the Slushing Process: Optimize Your Machine for Perfect Consistency and Flavour

Polar Krush rozen Drinks Machine


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on mastering the slushing process and optimizing your machine for impeccable consistency and flavour.

Frozen drinks are a beloved treat to customers in the retail and leisure industry, but achieving that perfect, refreshing texture and taste needs to be mastered to ensure optimum quality.

In this guide, we’ll provide straightforward solutions to guarantee a consistently high-quality drink every time.

Understanding the Slushing Process

The slushy mixing process depends on achieving the correct ratio of concentrate and water. Essentially, the concentrate serves as a “soft-freeze” agent, preventing ice crystals from binding together and forming solid ice clumps.

If this is not done correctly, the product can overfreeze.

When this happens, the product in the bowl appears pale and may be hard to pour. It will also taste weaker and not the usual fun, fruity drink. It could also cause some real damage to your machine and cause downtime.

To prevent this, there are simple steps to follow:

  • Make sure the mix is mixed correctly following the instructions on the mixing bottle

If the product is mixed to the optimal ratio, it will prevent the ice crystals from expanding to make the colour and flavour weaker

  • Make sure the bowl is kept topped up

By having the bowl full, it helps turn off the freezing of the machine at the correct point. (see video below) This is crucial and the easiest way of preventing the mix over freezing. When the machine is underloaded with concentrate, you will notice that ice crystals form quickly and will bind together excessively, resulting in more ice than solution.

Once the machine has completed its freeze, the drink created from the underloaded bowl is diluted, less flavourful, and ice-heavy.

  • Adjust the Torque setting on the machine and turn it down

By turning the torque setting down, it means the freezing turns off, with less ice being created. This is easily done by turning the red pen top style adjuster on the shoulder of the machine clockwise so the gauge on the back moves towards the ‘-‘ sign, requiring less ice to turn it off.


In conclusion, creating a Polar Krush drink is a delicate balance of science and craftsmanship.

Achieving the ideal mix ratio and avoiding common pitfalls like underloading and overfreezing are essential to perfection. As you’ll see from the video below, failing to master these aspects can result in a less flavourful, visually unappealing Polar Krush drink and even potential machine damage.

However, armed with the knowledge and insights from this guide, you’re well-equipped to take your frozen drink-making skills to the next level and delight your customers with the best-quality Polar Krush time and time again!