Calippo Competition: Farwah Wins Big to Unleash the Fun at Lightwater Valley!

Our beloved Calippo has taken the plunge into the world of Facebook and Instagram, and we wanted all you Calippo lovers to join the party. To kick things off in style, we decided to give away the ultimate thrill package: 4 tickets to the exhilarating Lightwater Valley in Ripon!

Entering was a breeze – all you had to do was hit that ‘Follow’ button on our brand-new pages and comment on our competition post. We used an online random generator, and guess who emerged as our lucky winner?

Farwah Farrukh from Swindon! On her win Farwah commented:

‘My Kids absolutely love Calippo on their way back home from school and it keeps them refreshed and energetic too!

Calippo is a family favourite and we are absolutely over the moon to win family tickets to Lightvalley family adventure park with them! We love adventures and my children are looking forward to a thrilling adventure!  Thank you Calippo drinks!

Farwah Farrukh, Swindon, Calippo Competition Winner

Speaking of Lightwater Valley, this place is jam-packed with adrenaline-pumping rides like skatekarts and Tiki Raft. It’s like stepping into an adventure wonderland.

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined the competition and a massive shoutout to Lightwater Valley for such a fantastic prize.

Calippo is the new sensation in the world of frozen drinks, and it’s the perfect way for businesses to stand out and offer something unique to their customers. It’s a drink that oozes nostalgia and packs a punch in terms of profit.

So, if you’re looking for that extra edge, dive into the world of Calippo Frozen Drinks and watch your customer base grow like never before!