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Chill Out: The Crucial Importance of Maintaining Your Frozen Drinks Machine

Polar Krush Group beverages are a delightful treat and a profitable offering for hospitality and retail businesses.

Yet, amid the whirlwind of serving eager customers, it’s all too common to inadvertently sideline a critical aspect: the upkeep of your Polar Krush or Calippo drinks machine.

Let’s dive deep into prioritizing regular maintenance for your frozen drinks machine, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and ensuring your machine works at an optimum….

Weekly Cleaning:

Choose your quietest day, and thoroughly clean the machine’s components weekly, including dispensing nozzles, bowls, lids, and removable parts. Use warm water and mild soap to clean these parts.

Remove any leftover slush from the bowls and wipe down the exterior surfaces of the machine.


Regularly sanitize your machine using washing-up liquid with anti-bacterial properties or Milton Sterilising solution. This helps prevent the growth of bacteria and maintains the quality of the product.

Polar Krush rozen Drinks Machine

Lubricate any moving parts

Using petroleum jelly, lubricate any moving parts of the machine. This can help keep the machine running smoothly and prevent excessive wear and tear.

Empty and Clean the Mix:

If you’re not using the machine for an extended period, empty the slush mix from the bowls, clean them thoroughly and store the machine in a dry and cool place. This prevents any residue buildup and potential damage.

Polar Krush Frozen Drinks Machine Maintenance

Replace Parts as Needed:

You may need some of your machine parts replaced parts, such as seals, gaskets, and filters. Regularly replacing worn parts can prevent leaks and maintain the machine’s efficiency.

Speak to our service team at service.department@polarkrush.co.uk or on 01670 818666 if you think you may need a part replacement for your machine.

Embrace the Training and Utilise our Videos!

Be sure to train your staff on proper machine usage, cleaning procedures, and maintenance routines. Proper handling can extend your machine’s lifespan. The Polar Krush Group is proud to offer a range of online videos and user guides to support you and your team; further information is here.

If, of course, you have further questions, simply reach out to our Service Team!


Maintaining your equipment is as crucial as crafting the perfect frozen drink in the world of frozen beverages.

Regular maintenance ensures your customers’ satisfaction and safeguards your frozen drinks machine and profitability. By investing time and effort into the care of your Polar Krush or Calippo drinks machine, you’re investing in the success of your business.

So, chill out, prioritize maintenance, and let your frozen drinks continue to bring joy and refreshment to all!