Iceberg Ahead!

NATIONAL iced drinks company, Polar Krush, have launched an exciting (and delicious) new product across the UK. Introducing the Polar Krush Iceberg!

Thirsty customers can now enjoy the combination of a Polar Krush iced drink, topped with delicious vanilla ice cream. By pairing their well loved flavours, including Strawberry Drift and Blueberry and Raspberry with a British family favourite, Polar Krush have created an extra special treat for children and families to enjoy, whatever the weather. Available to enjoy nationwide from July from most Polar Krush stockists, the new Polar Krush Iceberg drink is a cool, taste sensation and is best enjoyed with soft and creamy Milkamoo soft serve, vanilla ice cream.

The Polar Krush offering is already a must-have staple at family attractions and holiday parks across the UK and abroad, with over 10 million cups served each year. Paul Goldfinch, chairman at Polar Krush, said: “We have been making and supplying iced drinks for almost 20 years and we are proud to be the only major provider in the UK to create our range using 100% natural flavouring.

This new pairing means that our national stockists can give their customers an exciting new refreshment option, increasing their revenue potential and ensuring that consumers have the best day possible in their venue. Polar Krush combined with ice cream – what’s not to love!”