Spine-chilling Halloween Frozen Drinks Ideas

As your venue prepares for Halloween you want at least one fun mocktail / cocktail to serve up to your customers.

And what’s your key ingredient to raising spirits?! Polar Krush of course!

Whilst all these ideas are boo-ze free, you can be as creative as you want (depending on your audience’s age limit) and add alcohol where applicable.

We’ve rounded up a few ghastly potions using our products, and they’re so good, it’s scary. So bust out the brews, fire up your cauldrons, and make some eerie-sistible Halloween Polar Krush punch!

All mocktails are based on using a large pitcher to mix so easy to quickly serve.

Chilly Cherry Eyeball Punch (Non-Alcoholic)

1/3 Chilly Cherry Polar Krush
1/3 Fresh orange juice
1/ 3 Chilled sparkling water

Drain lychees, and carefully stuff blackberries in each lychee; chill.
Pour a 1/3 Polar Krush Chilly Cherry in a pitcher, a 1/3 fresh orange juice, and 1/3 sparkling water into a large pitcher.
Add stuffed lychees.
Serve immediately.

Zombie Zingo (Non-Alcoholic)

1/3 Mango Zingo Polar Krush
1/3 Lime Chiller Polar Krush
1/3 Blackcurrant Polar Krush cordial

Mix 1/3 Mango Zingo Polar Krush, 1/3 Lime Chiller into a pitcher until it’s 2/3 full.
Pour in Blackcurrant cordial until pitcher is full.
Serve and decorate the glass with a slice of lime. Serve immediately.

Freaky Frankenstein Punch  (Non-Alcoholic)

¼  Strawberry Drift Polar Krush 
¼ Tropical Cooler Polar Krush
¼ Freshly chopped strawberries (or raspberries /cherries/ blueberries)
¼ Fresh lime(s) and or cordial

Take a large pitcher and fill a quarter with Strawberry Drift Polar Krush and another quarter with Tropical Cooler Polar Krush.
Fill a quarter of the pitcher with lime juice or cordial.
For the remaining quarter fill with the sliced strawberries and mix.
Use a sliced strawberry for garnish on the glass. Serve immediately.

One for the adults…

Witches Blue Brew (Alcoholic)

2/4 glass of Blue & Raspberry Polar Krush 
1 shot of blue curacao
1 shot of vodka (blueberry or raspberry vodka works well!)
Cherry for garnish

Dispense Polar Krush Blue Raspberry into a cocktail glass. Add blue curacao and vodka. Mix and garnish with a maraschino cherry.

Looking for more Halloween inspiration? Check out our Halloween Support Materials Pack which will help you further brand your Halloween events.