Polar Krush offers more benefits and choices with Post-Mix

Polar Krush is delighted to extend its product range by delivering thirst-quenching post-mix solutions with various compact unit post-mix dispensers to suit your leisure facility (The Loop, The Mustang, and The Gun).

Boasting a comprehensive portfolio of premium and in-house brands, Polar Krush is proud to introduce to the independent artisan soft drinks market 40 Kola. An award-winning premium drinks brand which brings five quintessential taste sensations, helping tantalise taste buds with a range of eclectic flavours.

The ‘no nonsense’ drink is already delighting customers in venues and retailers around the country; from independent cafes to major retailers – 40 Kola has undoubtedly made its mark in the artisan soft drinks market.

Read some of 40 Kola testimonials here.

As well as offering 40 Kola, we are proud to provide customers with a diverse range of in-house created post-mix concentrates to premium brands such as Irn Bru, Pepsi Max and Pepsi Postmix.

Whilst Polar Krush’s post-mix delivers an excellent taste experience Polar Krush is also proud to provide several other venue benefits.

So let’s crunch the facts on what Polar Krush post-mix can do for your venue:

SELL LARGER QUANTITIES –  Two 10 Litre bag-in-box provide 120 litres of drinks. That’s the equivalent of 240 bottles and 360 cans!  Serving your customers faster, and cheaper without losing quality.

BIGGER PROFITS – Soft drinks are usually the highest earner per litre of any drink on the bar, and our post mix options support you make profit margins of up to 82%!

LESS STAFF INPUT – No disposable packaging is needed in fridges. So there is no need for staff time and costs to dispose of the packaging, have costly waste and fridge storage, or transportation costs of bottles and cans. Customers can also self-serve.

SELL MORE AND SAVE ENERGY COSTS – Space saving so you can use your now available space to sell other products, boosting the opportunity to sell more to your customers.

NO UPFRONT COSTS – Machines are free on loan, fully serviced and maintained for service and breakdown.

EASE ORDERING OF STOCK – Stock is easily ordered online with next-day delivery before 1pm. Plus no need to order large quantities and lose storage space in your venue.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Save fridges, plastic, space and be a venue that is more economically and environmentally friendly by using a compact unit.

LESS WASTE – Our concentrates come in concentrated form from an integrated system, so customers and your staff can draw more drinks from our dispensers for less.

Why Polar Krush Post-Mix Solutions?

Supporting leisure venues deliver soft mix drinks easily and effectively to customers is what Polar Krush specialise in. With over 25 years of experience in creating delicious drinks that provide excellent profit margins, our products are used and enjoyed worldwide.

Our Regional Sales Managers are experts in their areas, warmly engaging with customers and providing bespoke advice on what Polar Krush’s products will deliver the most for your venue. Whenever people buy our products, our team are always on hand to support via phone, email or in person.

Streamline your drinks ordering processes today and learn more about what post-mix solutions can do for your venue!

Drop us an email at hudson@polarkrush.co.uk or call us on 01670 818666.