Sugar Free Commitment

GLOBAL natural iced-drinks manufacturer Polar Krush has announced that it will switch to making all of its products sugar-free, within the next six months.

Following the challenge of replacing fruit juice as the main base ingredient with something natural and sugar-free, and after spending the last three years getting the freezing consistency and taste perfected, they’ve done it. Polar Krush have come up with the ultimate sugar-free iced-drink range.

Polar Krush founder, Paul Goldfinch said: “Our aim was always to make our fun drinks a guilt-free treat, making them completely sugar-free and almost zero calorie.

“Our commitment is to ensure our products are still a huge hit with families, becoming the go-to, guilt-free refreshment choice. We’re the only iced-drinks, and possibly soft drink manufacturer in the world to make this commitment. Our products have always added a burst of fun and excitement to family outings, and we’re delighted that we are able to make our products sugar-free, without losing any of their renowned flavour.”

To overcome the obstacle of replacing the fruit juice base ingredient with a sugar-free alternative, a range of vegetables and crops were considered. Other natural ingredients are added to create the natural colours needed to give Polar Krush drinks their famous bright-coloured look. Stevia leaf acts as a natural sweetener, and adding just the natural flavour of the fruit enhances the taste.

Paul added: “I am very proud of the team, they have experienced lots of highs and lows, and the taste profile is now exactly the same as the original product.”