Hospitality Venues Benefit from Demand Boom for Non-Alcoholic Drinks

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Awareness of health and wellness among consumers and the millennial generation is expected to boost the demand for non-alcoholic beverages.

The consumer demand for great-tasting and high-quality non-alcoholic beverage options has increased dramatically over the last few years

Consequently, it is predicted that the market for non-alcoholic beverages will reach £1,874.0 billion by 2031, growing at a CAGR of 6.8% from 2022 to 2031 (source Allied Market Research)

Due to an increase in urbanisation and rising disposable income in emerging economies, the industry is anticipated to experience significant expansion.

As a business keen to maintain R&D efforts to satisfy consumer demand Polar Krush has consistently offered consumers healthier options including a broad range of sugar-free frozen drinks and limited caffeine options with the new, exciting 40 Kola range.

“We are innovators at Polar Krush and pride ourselves on providing excellent products and service to our customers. We aim to offer consumers an exceptional taste experience, which is also a healthier and more environmentally responsible alternative to what’s currently available.”

Michael Reid, Sales Director, Polar Krush

A shift in healthier lifestyles has resulted in a more significant demand for premium non-alcoholic beverages.  With an average of 6.3 brands in their repertoire, it is clear that consumers enjoy a broad range of drinks, and are increasingly favouring healthier and more premium choices.

With this Polar Krush is proud to bring to the market 40 Kola – an all-natural range of soft drinks.

40 Kola is an eclectic selection of modern twists on much-loved classics using only the finest ingredients, keeping the quintessential tastes, and not compromising on quality.

Consumers are spending more on their soft drinks, and the premium end of the market is driving the growth.

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