Growing Your Trampoline Parks Popularity and Profits with Polar Krush

Since the 2000s’ Trampoline parks have exploded across the leisure and recreational industry. Bouncing’ has moved from the backyard to a family-centric, destination-driven experience.

Many trampoline parks now offer activities and experiences that cater to the needs of its wide audience and most offer onsite cafés for visitors to enjoy refreshments pre and post activity.

Not only is the family entertainment industry growing and profitable, but it’s also rewarding to build something beloved by local communities.

The global trampoline park market is projected to grow at an above-average, healthy compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.2% from 2021 to 2030, according to recent market research.

If trampoline parks organise programs and activities and host private events, they can capitalise on achieving more profit by offering patrons food and bar facilities.

But what products will your customers want?

Polar Krush are proud to provide hundreds of UK Parks with refreshing Polar Krush and Calippo Burst products with free on loan machines and array of sugar free flavours.

Clare Haddon, Marketing Manager at Polar Krush said:

‘In an era of screens and digital entertainment it’s great to see the explosion of recreational activities such as trampolining parks becoming a pastime for adults and children. We love being part of that experience and gain excellent feedback that our drinks provide a much needed replenishment after vigorous exercise! Trampolining is 68% more effective than a half-hour jog and with our products being cold, sugar free, and tasty they’re just the perfect pre or post exercise guilt free replenishment’

The customer base attracted to trampolining are often the same customers who buy Polar Krush products.

With over 25 years’ experience in producing soft drinks, Polar Krush have the market knowledge on what beverage products work well in recreation and indoor leisure sites.

The reason Polar Krush products are so popular with venue managers is because they can be served quickly, easy to maintain, and provide high profit margins! It is precisely these qualities that ensure Polar Krush products and trampoline parks form a formidable and profitable partnership.

Our customers here at Point Zero Trampoline Park York always love their Unlimited Refill PAW cups when visiting – definitely needed to cool down after an hours bouncing.

Staff are always great and on-hand whenever needed. Always a pleasure to see Matty on call-outs. All leisure businesses and trampoline parks alike should consider Polar Krush as a must-have offering.

Make sure next time you come down to the park you buy one of these delicious iced drinks and try for yourself!

Giuseppe Caringella, General Manager , Point Zero Trampoline Park York

Why Choose Polar Krush for Your Trampoline Park?

Supporting trampoline parks deliver sugar free, tasty frozen drinks easily and effectively to customers is what Polar Krush specialise in.

You can guarantee excellent profit margins with our drinks, seasonal and generic point of sale materials to encourage sales and continual support from our team to ensure you’re getting the best profits and functionality out of your machine.

Our machines have efficient LED lighting with fast freeze functionality meaning they’re incredibly economical to run with freeze down in only 40 minutes so our customers needn’t worry that our machines will incur expensive energy bills!

Plus, you can gain next day delivery of concentrates so no need to order large quantities and only order when you need!

Whenever people buy our products, our team are always on hand to support via phone, email or in person.

If you work in indoor leisure and are looking at gaining an industry leading frozen drinks supplier that’ll offer fantastic service and a focal point in your business that reaps great profits, then look no further than Polar Krush.


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